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Lightning Round with 7 of EXIT Realty’s Finest

by Broker★Agent AdvisorMarch 28, 2020

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented action.

Generally reserved for their own internal training and advancement, EXIT Realty steps up big time with this public share from a few of their best and brightest.

Listen in for practical strategies and tips to help steady your share of this shaky market… and perhaps even pick up some new business in the process!

Download panelist takeaways and contact information.

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Message from EXIT Realty…“When you’re down, reach up and when you’re up, reach down.” Words spoken by our Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris. At EXIT Realty we’re focused on providing support, elevating confidence and increasing focus, so we assembled a team of industry experts to join Annette Anthony, our Vice President of Technology Engagement, to contribute their best advice. During this conversation with panelists Chantal Traversy, Sheryll White, Nick Libert, Janice Petteway, Sharron Richardson and Samantha Morris you’ll hear how to handle current listings and generate new ones; help buyers and follow up with clients, and leverage your time wisely with productivity to help keep you focused. In addition, you’ll learn about opportunities in the real estate market today, creating a continuity plan, tips for your [...]

Education and Training

5 Tips to Raise Investment Funds

by Broker★Agent AdvisorMarch 24, 2020

by Joe Rosen

Everyone wants to be a real estate investor.Few know how to dangle the right carrots to acquire private funding.

In this short video I’ll share the essentials to help get the financing you need and on your way to flipping investment properties in no time.

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Joe Rosen is a Realtor with eXp Realty specializing in homes along South Florida’s Treasure Coast. He has sales experience in both sunny Florida and chilly Minnesota; and has closed on over $35M in residential and commercial transactions. In his first 35 weeks in Florida his closed and pending sales placed him in the top 4% of real estate agents in his market. Joe has a sincere passion to share everything that has worked, and not worked for him, in order to help others succeed in their own lives and careers. 

Education and Training

How to Turn Crisis into Opportunity

by Broker★Agent AdvisorMarch 19, 2020

Last weekend the Chris Watters team out of Central Texas had 172 showings that resulted in nearly 20 offers.

Yes! You can thrive too despite the crisis.

Because Chris started his real estate career during a recession he’s in a unique position to share real-world advice that will help you navigate through these troubled times.

Forecast of what’s to come over 3-6-12 months.How to prepare and thrive.Resources available for $100 mil grant for small business advertising.Why it’s important to take action now and how.Q&A from live Facebook audience.

Free Book – See how Chris took his first team from zero to $1 Million in net income (in just three years!) in his 212-page, step-by-step manual titled ‘The Million Dollar Real Estate Team’. Available now on Amazon or snag it for FREE + S/H at

More about Chris Watters

I’m a Texas native that began my career in the real estate brokerage business. I began working as a real estate agent helping families and investors buy or sell property in Central Texas. I started Watters International Realty in 2010. In 2019, our team successfully closed over $100+ Million in sales and helped hundreds of families in the purchase or sale of a home. In 2015, we began opening branches across Texas and partnering with other successful agents and team leaders, assisting them in [...]

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Become an Expert and Dominate Your Niche

by Broker★Agent AdvisorMarch 3, 2020

by Hoss Pratt –

In this video, you’ll discover how to dominate your niche by becoming the undisputed expert in your market.

By becoming the undisputed authority in your niche you’ll have positioning power.

Once you position yourself as an expert, all your marketing is going to be more effective… Your conversions will increase, you’ll have a better return on investment, more time, more leads, etc. Everything will go up!

Enjoy and put into your practice today!

Free guide from Hoss Pratt… Make it almost impossible for people to tell you ‘no’. Get your step-by-step guide to overcoming objections here.

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More about Hoss

One word describes the man who gets more results out of real estate brokers and agents than any other trainer in the country…’Passion.’

A nationally known authority when it comes to lead generation and lead conversion, Hoss has demonstrated and proven time and time again during his stellar 12-year career that his revolutionary strategies can move brokers and agents from stuck to super-charged in just months…changing lives and changing fortunes. He is a master at converting prospects into clients, and fence-sitters into sellers.

What separates Hoss from all other coaches, real estate trainers, and so-called ‘gurus’ is his ability to get results FAST. [...]


From Frustration to Lasting Success

by Broker★Agent AdvisorMarch 2, 2020

by Rich Levin, Real Estate Grad School

When we started to work together Carol cried every time that we had a coaching call. 

She was struggling despite making a decent income in real estate in addition to the modest salary that her husband earned as a manager of an auto parts store.

Four young adult children with tuitions, travel, weddings, showers, enjoyment, and helping them get started was expensive. His income was fixed. She knew that it was up to her to raise their income. 

Carol’s story is, unfortunately, a common one. 

Real estate agents learn the basics of the business, begin to enjoy the commissions and freedom. Then after just a few years most plateau. They get stuck at an unsatisfactory level of income. Still knowing that there is so much more potential and they are capable of achieving it. Yet, it eludes them.

There is a way out of the real estate production plateau.

Maria Sharapova, the Champion Tennis Player, and Entrepreneur wrote in her book Unstoppable:

“Repetition creates discipline. Just repeating a thing, perhaps inconsistently at first, then with more consistency creates a feeling of the repetition that leads to discipline.”

Steven was an Agent with a wife, three children with a fourth child on the way. He told me that he wasn’t earning enough to afford his life. He said that what stood in his way was a lack of [...]