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Barbara Corcoran – ‘Think and Grow Rich’ the Movie

by Broker★Agent AdvisorOctober 22, 2020

Bonus interview from our friends at “Think and Grow Rich – The Movie”

Sister Stella Mary told me I’d always be stupid… And I’m not.

The ‘good ol’ boy’ network in New York told me I’d never compete with them… I became their #1 rival.

Donald Trump told me I’d never see a penny… I sued and won.

Listen in as Barbara Corcoran shares how she got into real estate… and the first big idea that got her off the ground.

Sales and Marketing

No Excuses! Achieving success with Joe Rosen

by Broker★Agent AdvisorOctober 19, 2020

The Joe Rosen Show

There will always be hurdles and difficulty in life.

Often it seems those who are the most successful don’t face the same challenges.

In this video Joe interviews Broker★Agent of the Month Zach Scher, who refused to make excuses… and as a result has created the beginnings of a real estate dynasty in his market within just four short years.

Connect with Joe Rosen… Website ★ Facebook ★ YouTube ★ Instagram

More about Joe…

Joe Rosen is a Realtor with eXp Realty specializing in homes along South Florida’s Treasure Coast. He has sales experience in both sunny Florida and chilly Minnesota; and has closed on over $35M in residential and commercial transactions. In his first 35 weeks in Florida his closed and pending sales placed him in the top 4% of real estate agents in his market. Joe has a sincere passion to share everything that has worked, and not worked for him, in order to help others succeed in their own lives and careers. 

More about Zach…

Zach is a true entrepreneur who, prior to beginning his real estate career in July of 2016, started several business during and after obtaining his Bachelors Degree from CW Post and his Masters Degree from NYU and also consulted for a variety of others in the field of Marketing, Branding, and Design.

Currently overseeing an [...]

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Five ‘Must Do’ YouTube Videos for Real Estate Lead Generation

by Broker★Agent AdvisorJuly 18, 2020

With Jesse Daue and Jackson Willkey‘The YouTube Agents’

Everyone wants to know what type video they should be shooting for real estate.

But what really makes the phone ring?

Listen in as Jackson Wilkey shows how to be the one buyers find when searching your market for properties.

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Top 10 Mistakes that Cost You the Listing

by Broker★Agent AdvisorJune 17, 2020

With Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting

We train what we use. Not what we used to use, or what worked 10 years ago, but what is working to sell over 400 homes a year right now.

In real estate it starts and ends with the listing.

Missing just one can cost you thousands… If you have a team it can be exponential.

Sharpen your approach and systems with these proven tips and you’ll get to the closing table more often.

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Farming Ideas to Penetrate an Entire City

by Broker★Agent AdvisorJune 5, 2020

With Brian Icenhower

How community outreach efforts developed during the pandemic are helping one real estate team succeed in new ways.

Marc and Amber Olson with ‘The More Team’ at RE/MAX Concepts in Nevada, Iowa are ranked #1 in their MLS.

Before the pandemic they were doing great… During and after even better!

Watch their interview with Brian for farming ideas that will continue to deliver in new business development for years to come.