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Moore Real Estate Services

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Moore Real Estate Services
Award Status: Seven Star
Referral/Discount Percentage: 25%
First Name: Brenda
Last Name: Moore
Company Name: Moore Real Estate Services
Expanded Overview and Background:

I’ve been selling Real Estate since 2011. I had my own leasing company from 1999-2005. Started working for another company leasing their properties. I just started my own Real Estate company in 2016. This has been my best year in Real Estate since I started and I have 11 agents. They specialize in not only in Real Estate sales we also do Rentals. I have one that is also an interior decorator, staging and design. We also are working with new builds and different projects

Specialties: Buyers Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Management and Consulting
License Type: Broker Owner/Manager
Business Type: Residential Real Estate
Phone Number: 7202984544
City: Denver
  • Moore Real Estate Services